Awesome Maid of Honor Speeches Tips

    Are you ready to read the most amazing and useful maid of honor speeches tips? There are so many people who get freaked out when they know that a wedding speech is approaching. I honestly put my hope into the fact that the tips I am just about to share will help you big time!

    Tips when preparing yourself for the big day

    Here are a couple of tips on what to do:

    • Keep the calm and focus on what’s important. I am sure that your maid of honor speech is very important and you want no mistakes, but thinking about how you want to avoid mistakes is wrong. Think about the solutions and focus on the essence instead!
    • Make sure that the speech text is written on paper. If you have more versions, you can share them with your friends or family and ask them for advices to find out how good these were. Read here how to prepare the wedding speech:
    • Find Here 25 Maid if Honor Wedding Speeches
    • Don’t be late. Take a taxi or anything it takes, just make sure that you are not late. It’s better to be there 30 minutes earlier than being late with 30 seconds. Trust me, with weddings, being late is the worst thing you famous people can do. As a maid of honor, it’s even worse if you don’t get there in time.
    • With 3 days before the wedding, make sure your clothes are good and you have another dress to change your wedding dress in case of excessive sweating or in case of emergencies. This might seem like something you don’t need, but it’s better to be precautious.
    • Practice the maid of honor speech. It’s as easy as staying at home or with your girlfriend and speaking the speech loudly so that you can get used to how it feels like when you stand up in the front line and begin speaking.
    • Observe how long it takes for you to say the speech. If it takes longer than 5 minutes, make sure to shorten your speech.
    • Control your breath and the tonality of your voice. You need to speak in a friendly tone and your breathtaking shouldn’t be stressed, too fast or too loud. These things might seem like small details, but these small details all count when speaking. More

    Maid of Honor Wedding Speech Structure

    It is important to know about the style and structure of a simple and great maid of honor wedding speech. A lot of people think that it’s about talking freely, without a plan, without a certain structure and then wonder where they went wrong. The fact is that people respect formalities and they have a different attitude towards hearing what the speaker is about to say, if formal speaking is applied.

    Telling the difference between a good and a bad maid of honor speech is very simple. If the speech is too different from other types of wedding speeches (father of the groom speech, best man speech, mother of the bride speech and so on) then it probably means it’s a bad speech. So which are the structural elements to consider? Let’s review them all!

    Beginning the speech

    This is the actual introduction of your maid of honor speech. This is where you must introduce yourself. Why must? Because otherwise there would be people wondering “who was that girl?” during the entire ceremony.

    It’s also great if you’ve been attentive enough to add some thoughts to the wedding speeches before your maid of honor wedding speech, to the parts you agree with. If you feel like you disagree with something, leave it out and don’t mention it!

    If you mention that everyone is welcome and that you’re happy to be there, it will definitely make people feel a lot more comfortable! Of course, including some fine introductory joke is another great idea you could use – people love wedding jokes if the jokes you’ve picked aren’t dumb jokes or offensive jokes.

    Speech body – hold on tight here!

    Yes, this is the horror. This is the hardest part. So what do you do here? First of all, it’s one of the best ideas to tell short stories of the bride’s experiences with you in childhood or adulthood (if you didn’t know her since being a kid). People love to hear such amazing stories and they all like to be able to understand and identify how you were selected as the maid of honor. More

    Maid of Honor Speech Examples

    Being the maid of honor is a great feeling for every woman out there. It is the most common for best friends and for sisters to be chosen as maids of honor. Of course, in most cases, these situations come unexpectedly and although you know your best friend or sister very well, you won’t have any ideas for the wedding speech. Speech samples for the maid of honor

    You can make use of different maid of honor speech examples and I am going to show you another example of a speech. Documenting yourself from multiple sources can be of great help and I advise you to do that, while taking notes from every source of inspiration, making sure that you don’t forget the ideas of your liking. In the end, you will need to summarize the ideas you’ve found, turning them all into one speech which should never become longer than 4 or 5 minutes of speech. It is also very important to always include your own unique ideas, jokes, stories and quotes as required. Only include things which are meaningful, try to avoid unnecessary parts because those would cause boredom. Here is your maid of honor speech example:

    “Dear guests, may I please have your attention?! My name is Brenda and I’m Maria’s best friend and I am the maid of honor today. I am very happy to be here and I am very happy to give the current speech.I would first like to mention that the speeches I’ve heard today were all great and inspiring to me. I totally agree that love is about caring for each other, making each other happy and sharing good moments the same way as you share bad moments: with patience, care and understanding.

    Maria is my best friends since 1st grade. We’ve literally grown up together, doing diverse girly activities together all the time. We did a lot of crazy things a couple of years ago but we also did a lot of great things, sharing a huge amount of positive memories together.

    When I was 10 years old, I remember how I got into hospital with lung problems. I was very depressed and sad because nobody would visit me, at least nobody of my age. Then, as soon as Maria heard about what happened to me, she was my visitor every single day. Sometimes the hospital’s staff would want to ask Maria to leave but she would just scream and wouldn’t stop screaming until they let her stay. She cared about me, so much! More

    How to write great maid of honor speeches

    If you know how to handle wedding speeches, if you know what things to best consider when writing your own speech then you will definitely be able to produce the best of maid of honor speeches. You’ve probably noticed that there are at least a couple of hundred such examples out there and every single one of them seems to be different from the other, while most of the elements are the same within all maid of honor speeches. So what would be able to make your speech different? In this article I’m going to reveal valuable tips and ideas on making your speech better and more unique, although most of the ideas are already written on some blogs, forums or books.

    The best thing to do with speeches is thinking out of the box. Try to think of unique methods and solutions which weren’t ever presented or used, but would still fit a maid of honor speech. You need to be the perfect anticipator as you do this – some things might be great while others would be inappropriate and offensive!

    You could read some books on stories of friendships between girls. These can be stories of young girls playing with toys and getting along together perfectly, it could also be a story of sisters who were not only sisters, but also best friends. Regardless of the context of certain such books, you could find very inspirational quotes, motives and descriptions of how a strong friendship is between girls. Why would you need a book or more books to find such things? You probably think you know everything about friendships, but we can rarely express our feelings in an understandable manner. This is where books are of perfect as a source of inspiration: you can find the correct words for what you’re about to say. More